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Terrain Categories Explained

Terrain Categories Explained 30 JANUARY 2018 I’m buying a shed in Caboolture, what shed do I need? I’m buying a shed in Cairns, what shed do I need.? Buying a garage, farm or industrial building from a company like MyKit is not like buying the car that sits under it....

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Why Australian Steel?

Why Australian Steel? It’s not just a question of supporting Australian made. Australian coated steel (COLORBOND® and ZINCALUME®) is manufactured to withstand our harsh weather conditions, particularly our strong UV environment.    What this means is that where...

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Please Explain the Portal Frame?

The Portal Frame Explained. 24 MARCH, 2017 ALWAYS SEEK KNOWLEGDE There is little wonder why you need a university degree in engineering to understand even the most basic engineering terminology or at the very least extensive experience in the building industry. The...

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Shed Safe – What the hell?

24 FEBRUARY, 2017 Sheds Safety Industry ShedSafe is part of the Australian Steel Institute (ASI) a self-serving group that promotes Australian made steel as the preferred material for manufacturing and construction.  This is obviously a good thing for Australia.  ...

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New Garage and Shed Delivery

"Awesome, my Garage kit has just arrived..! Where do I start?" 15 FEBRUARY, 2017 New things make me Smile! How exiting, your new kit Garage has just arrived and you are chomping at the bit to start bolting and screwing things together. But wait..! First thing first...

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It’s A Winner!

04 FEBRUARY, 2017 "Quality is never an accident. It is always the result of intelligent effort". John Ruskin The Australian Good Design Awards dates back to 1958 and are well known as one of the longest standing, most prestigious Design Awards in the world. The Awards...

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An Ode to the Iconic Australian Shed

Celebrating All Things Australian... 26 JANUARY, 2017 An Australia Day Tribute to the Australian Shed January, 26. Sweltering summer's day, cold beer, aroma of sizzling sausages and the distant sound of the cricket on the telly. Does that sound about right? Seems that...

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Franchising in Australia

“Necessity is the mother of invention” so said Plato, an ancient Greek philosopher. As the world’s technology increases beginning from the humble first inventions of the primeval inhabitants of the last Ice Age many centuries ago, well the sewing needle for example...

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